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Pillala Prapamcham (The Kids’ World)

Pillala Prapamcham (The Kids’ World) is the brain child of Score More Foundation. It works in the field of education, initiating school reform through The School Project.

The Proposed School Project is a venture to open high-quality schools serving children from low-income communities.  Through the centers, a commitment is made to support each child by providing a strong educational foundation, good time, self-esteem and values, and to help them plan how they can earn a steady livelihood as a step towards improving their standard of living. Our schools will have curriculum that focuses Indian tradition with International outlook. A unique curriculum known as “Joy of Learning” has been prepared with an Innovative Teaching Program.

Our “Sunday-Fun day” Classes are the real Creative and Fun-frolic Centers for Children. Various skill based activities are taught to the children FREE OF COST. Most of our Children who have been trained by us achieved awards at the National and International Level. In nutshell, Champions are made in Pillala Prapamcham (The Kids’ World).


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Phone: +91 98484 07654

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