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Score More Foundation is a Registered Non-Governmental Organization with a mission to provide better living facilities among the deprived sections of the society. Our tagline "The Joy of Living-Power to Prosper", says it all. Our mission is to re-define life and promote quality life to the poor and the needy. It is a non-profit voluntary organization of intellectuals, thinkers and social workers. Our aim is to provide opportunities to the needy through which they will develop skills, obtain knowledge through education, motivate and inspire them to be responsible through various innovative programs.

Our Inception

SCORE MORE Foundation was the brain child of Dr. Pattabhi Ram.Turlapati, an eminent academician, teacher, teacher-trainer, Writer, Journalist & Editor of Children Books. Dr. Ram had been in the teaching profession for more than one and half decades. He has been a prolific teacher and Writer of Children books and holds the World Record of being the only individual to have authored most number of books for Children in the world.

Dr.Ram has rich experience in teaching strategies reconfigure teaching methodologies, break down traditional tactics, and challenge the current rote learning mechanisms in our schools.

Vision and Mission Statement

To be pacesetters in social-economic transformation.
Creating visible transformation that positively impacts communities, partners, and all other stake holders through sustainable social-economic programs for generations to come.

Core Values

Community Focus
Good Stewardship

Our Approach

Direct Action

The participation of beneficiaries is fundamental to the achievement of our objectives at Score More Foundation. Through working directly with Children, Youth and Women together we design the program of activities that can best meet their needs.

Sensitizing Stakeholders

We work to sensitize a number of individuals and groups aimed at building an environment capable of nurturing and cultivating a child’s potential for growth and development.


We use advocacy as a tool to make a positive impact on policy making and bring about the desired refinement in the policies that are being implemented, drafted or discussed. Therefore it is vital in helping us reach our overall vision.


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Phone: +91 98484 07654

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